Kevin Herrmann


Flora and Phono

Five years ago, two dudes started a tradition: meeting once every week to sit down on a couch and to share, review and chat about music. Stories were exchanged, tracks were analyzed and sheer euphoria was a regular occurrence.

Now, five years later, we are happy to have Flora & Phono - a home for our shared love of music and artwork. Deeply rooted in our weekly tradition, Flora & Phono is a platform to celebrate deep grooves and relish the exhilaration of listening to a truly great song.

We want to bring people together: to share, discuss and simply enjoy music.

Stick around, have a seat on our couch and join us on our trip through consciousness and emotion, time and space…

Kevin & Tom


On Friday every two weeks we post 10 new songs. We have a consistent Playlist on Spotify – called »+10« –, where we update the ten tracks. The previous tracks get transferred to the »Anthology«-Playlist, where you can find all songs we ever used.

With the playlist changing, it also needs a new cover every two weeks. Here are all the Covers we had from our start in February 2019  until June 2020. In December 2019 we made one big Playlist. Each day one track gets added to the List. Also each track got its respective number of December as a cover. For 2020 we decided to change the color pattern.